Using breath, my yoga classes will help you find more stability of structure in your body, increased strength and flexibility, and they will calm your mind and nurture your spirit. My classes are designed to welcome any level practitioner, from first timers, to seasoned yogis. I create a warm, welcoming, loving environment where you are encouraged to be kind and good to yourself and those around you and leave feeling better than when you arrived.


Hatha & Vinyasa

I am trained in Vinyasa style yoga, a practice that aligns movement with breath, bringing fluidity to the asanas (physical postures). I guide students to find release and opening in their bodies to strengthen, lengthen and find more space. I lead students through a practice of listening closely to their own bodies and instruct modifications because no two bodies are the same. My classes are sequenced with the flowing movement of asanas to build a strength and flexibility along with ample stillness to restore and connect with your Self.

Staying focused on breath through physically challenging movement helps to focus our jittery, active, busy, responsible minds and simply be in the present moment. With attention to healing, I emphasize proper body alignment and reinforce moving mindfully through each pose and strengthen our mind-body awareness. I believe yoga is for all bodies and encourage your own unique, safe expression in the practice.


Chair Yoga

Through my own practice at times of injury and illness and through my observations as a teacher , I’ve seen that “traditional” Vinyasa yoga requires a basic level of physical ability that makes the practice out of reach, intimidating or even impossible for some people to get started. When I began a group class with people who have physical and emotional abilities outside of the mainstream, I saw that the mechanics of floor postures were too much of a burden and barrier for some and we needed a different starting point to access breath, gentle movement and stillness.

Chair yoga incorporates all of the same principles of building strength, flexibility, accessing breath and most importantly stillness and meditation, using a chair as a supportive prop. Each individual and each group are different and depending on one’s abilities, chair yoga can be outlet to work up to a practice on a floor mat or be an avenue to quieting the mind, opening the body and discovering a new pathway of healing for people who otherwise would not have ever tried it.

Private Yoga

Private one on one sessions are an amazing way to deepen your practice for form, alignment and clearer sense of Self, truly at your own pace. Personalized attention and adjustments whether just beginning a yoga practice or if you want to advance your practice, will provide you with a solid foundation and confidence for more profound exploration. I will tailor the sessions to your body and your needs, personalizing the practice for you as a whole individual.

Having worked through many injuries and overcome periods of being physically disabled myself, I love working with people who want to regain strength and flexibility after an injury, compliment their physical therapy regime, or want to establish a practice to support the changes that come with an aging body.

75 minute sessions are $100, up to groups of 2, reach out to me if you’re interested in groups of 3+

To set up your private session, please contact me!