blinded by the light. a snow/blizzard day. it brought with it such a silent morning that i thought i wasn’t in kansas (BK) anymore. like QUIET. no idling trucks, no bustling, metal clamping, grate slamming, people hollerin morning. no sir. not even the sound of a plow. it got me to jump out of bed, startled by the silence. and jumping out of bed is quite a rarity. i’m a morning lounger.

this peace vibe pouring through my apartment made a morning meditation the most natural move to slip into. i’m a frequent youtube guided meditation gal, myself. for my very human mind, a gentle guided youtube video to assist my meditation practice helps me to get rid of the electric thoughts zapping through the cranium. this morning, was just so not necessary. the snow brought peace, if only temporarily. really sweet.

by now there’s all kinds of fools outside. well you know, kids and adventurers who like the snow and cold. and i’d go out too if i had the right boots, and maybe a friend with me and like 50 sweaters. one needs the proper gear for this, no joke! i mean, how fortunate am i that i have the choice?! i have this amazing, cozy apartment, heat pumping, stocked with food, all kinds of meals i can invent, plants keeping me company, music groovin, internet galore going on. my (maybe) 500 square feet is a palace, i tell you. where do the people go that i so frequently see hanging out around the street benches? i mean, there’s a reason they don’t go to the shelters all the time, i’m sure it ain’t pretty. but yes, makes me count my blessings and take it all in, especially on these days. makes for a perfect object of meditation, gratitude does. breathe that in and breathe that out. practice gratitude and live inside miracles.

not saying it’s an easy thing for everyone to do alllll the time. we are all challenged in each of our unique ways. but the more ya practice, the easier it gets, like anything. 

and that’s my meditation/gratitude/snowdazed rant for today.